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by : Anonymous | written on :13/02/2010 | permalink

Horrible day

I've never been so embarrassed

this happened a year ago when i was 12 during the summer between 6th and 7th grade and i am a guy. me, my brother,sister, and 8 of my cousin went to knobelas amusement park(which had water and other rides) with a club my parents are in. my cousins and siblings teased me into going on the twister, a pretty averge rollar coaser that isnt considered very scary. on the top of the first hill i was so scared i wet my pants and tears started to come silently. luckly none noticed and i thought i could if i could make it to where people stand to get soaked from a waater rides splash none would ever know. sadly the twister was the first ride i wet on and my crocth was noticably soaked so halfway to the water ride my mom noticed and made a big deal it front of my older cousins and siblings and everyone in the near vicinity. that was not the end of it. my mom was mad and made me wait until after the clubs dinner. she told a bunch of people and asked for a newspaper for me to sit on for the hour i was starded out my old people and gigled at by girls and made fun of by cousins and siblings.still this was not the end my mom walked with me to the rows of outhouses to channge(she alos mutterd loudly see couldnt believe i pissed my pants). i took off my shorts and while changing into new ones and leaning against the door the lock which was broken alowed the door to open fully. i was completly exposed in front of over 20 was embarrsing enough, but i also had a verrrrrry small thing and was completly hairless plus (while at the same time tall, and strong and on the big side) it was enough smaller than usely because of my fear from the roller coaster. i must of stared at the people in horror as boys my age pointed and lauged and girls gigled. i got controll of myslf, closed the door, realized i droped my shorts, and opened it again to ick them up. i laugh at it now but last year on that day i cried about it.

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2010/06/01 18:25 - justasolitaryheart writes:
tsk, tsk, so unfair. Such a lot of grown ups will be wetting their pants and panties when they get stinking drunk.

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