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by : klynn11390 | written on :19/08/2011 | permalink

Intercourse with an eraser!

I've never been so embarrassed

When I was 18 years old, I had moved to a new town to go to the college there. I had just got my own apartment living on my own for the first time. One of the first weeks I had lived there I was down at the mailbox checking my mail after work and I saw a man with a leg cast on crutches checking his mail when he looked at me and asked "Can you help me do something i havent been able to do in a long time?" and he looked down at his leg. I thought in my head "Oh man am I gonna end up having to smack this guy across the face?" and i reluctantly said "sure?" and he asked me to help him check his mail. I laughed and said sure and got his mail and carried it back to his apartment for him (which was right next store to mine..a building down across the sidewalk). He asked me for my number and told me that he'd like to take me out and hang out with me and show me around since I didn't know anybody in town. ( This guy is my now boyfriend of almost 3 years) We immediately hit it off...and we literally hung out every single night when he got off work. Well we had been dating for a while and hadn't had sex yet.. (we'd done everything but had sex) and I had a strong feeling we were going too soon. Well I was at work when he texted me and we made plans together to hang out that nightand i just knew that we were finally going to have sex. At lunch time I went home and changed into a really cute/sexy outfit..did my make up really cute and put on a cute necklace and earrings that matched my outfit. I went back to work and was filing papers when one of my earrings fell to the ground. I couldn't find the back to it and they matched so well i just grabbed a pencil..bit the eraser off..and stuck it on the back of my earring so i could still wear them. I went straight from work to my night college class and then met up with him at his apartment after class. we ate dinner, put in a movie...snuggled...and then started fooling around. I was right about my feeling..the next thing i knew we were in his bed ..we started out just giving each other "pleasure" and then finally got down to business. Oh my god, he (my now boyfriend) was sooo good in bed.. He's almost 10 years older than me (you'd never know it..he looks like he's 18) and i can say he's definitely way more experienced than i was ( i could count how many times i had sex on one hand before i met him..) ..i was so nervous about having sex with him because of how inexperienced i was and i was afraid i wouldn't be good and he'd never talk to me again because i was so "lost" in the bedroom. The sex was soo amazing and i started to relax and was definitely enjoying it. The sex was so passionate and wild... we'd been going at it for about 15 minutes and going at it hard/fast ..when all of a sudden i felt something tickling my ear...i kept patting my ear and itching it and he was looking at me so funny (he was on top)...i kept hitting my ear and finally i just tried to ignore it cause i was losing focus on the "act"...well finally my ear started to feel really uncomfortable inside and so i finally said "stop..i feel like somethings in my ear" ..he looked at me with this look like "are you serious i'm about to blow" and he kept going for a minute..i finally pushed him off me and said I'm serious something is in my ear. He jumped up and turned on the light and i look next to me on the bed and I see my earring. I run into the bathroom and i realize i can't see inside my i asked him to come in there and look for me. I jump on the bathroom counter (butt naked) and he grabs a flash light and starts looking in my ear (he's ALSO butt naked).. he's looking at it and he finally took a step back and looked at me funny..he looked in my other ear..looked back in the one that hurt again..and said "theres definitely something in your ear..but i don't know what it is?" i ran back over to the bed searching for my earring and the back..when it dawned on me..i had the earring...but the eraser is missing. I looked at him..told him what i had done at work with the earring and losing the back..he looked back inside my ear again with the flash light and BUSTED out laughing his ass off...! He told me that the eraser was for sure stuck inside my ear! I was freaking out and completely mortified. So here I am sitting butt ass naked on the sink...with this guy i really liked was standing there naked with a flashlight and a pair of tweezers..trying dig this eraser out of my ear. He attempted to get it out for 45 minutes (the whole time laughing so hard) until finally he said.."we need to take you to the ER". I just wanetd to die. It was 3:30am at this point and i did NOT want to go to the ER for this, but i had no choice. We throw our clothes on and he drives me to the ER. The whole way there I have my head tilted to the side (cause in my mind i thought if i had my head up straight the eraser would fall in deeper) and he is laughing his ass off telling me how he can't wait to tell everyone this story. I then started to cry and begged him not to tell anyone and he laughed and said he wouldn't but i knew that he would. We get to the ER and i go to the triage nurse to sign in and she asks me.. "Do you need to see a doctor?" I knodded my head ..she asked me "What is your illness..or why are you here?" I look at my boyfriend and he again..wasn't able to help himself and starts laughing histerically...i tell the nurse "I have an eraser stuck in my ear" and she looked at me with the funniest look and handed me a pen and the clipboard with the papers i needed to fill out. I get to the section of "Reason for your visit" and put "Eraser stuck in left Ear" and wrote "Please don't ask" next to it. lol. 10 minutes later a nurse comes and calls my name and i walk up with my boyfriend and she immediately starts making jokes "Well..i hope you don't have a test tomorrow morning" she said (meaning i'd need my eraser for it) and proceeded to tell me how in her 30 years of being a nurse..she's seen little children and toddlers with things lodged in their ears and noses..but never a 18 year old. I get back in the room and the doctor comes in with a new nurse and he couldnt help but make jokes of his own... i proceeded to tell them the story about the earring at work and what i did..but i told them i was "sleeping" and i woke up with pain in my ear and the eraser must've fell in while i was sleeping (the whole time my boyfriend has a huge grin on his face). The doctor removed the eraser in 10 seconds and handed it to me. I immediately threw it out..jumped up ..soo mortified ..said thank you and we left. I was so embarrassed and was certain my now boyfriend was never going to want to see me again. He took me back to his apartment and told me to just stay the night at his place that night and since it was so late we both jumped in bed to go to sleep. He of course asks me " want to finish what we were doing now?" ..we finished what we had started lol..(and despite the minor issue was amazing) and we went to sleep. I left the next morning and the whole day was getting texts from him cracking jokes about the eraser. That weekend i went out with him and all his guy friends and as soon as i walked guy handed me an eraser and started laughing. I was soooo completely embarrassed. Til this day..almost 3 years later... my boyfriend won't have sex with me if i have earrings in..and if i fall asleep with them on..he takes them out in my sleep for me lol.

And this was the most embarrassing story of my life (so far!)

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