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by : tragic damsel | written on :25/02/2009 | permalink


I've never been so embarrassed

not again... i would never want to have some form of diary here for future embarrassing moments...just past embarrassing moments perhaps...

Today, we went to the wet market...As we went to the place, I was blabbing about how it not a good time to go there... I was raining and my room mate was carrying the laptop... We were approaching the spot where there were people just sitting together... more or less ten. As I was talking, I slipped on the mud... yeah! of all the spots in the market.... I just love my life... Maybe this will be my life... a series of embarrassing moments... This will make my boring life exciting... huhu

Maybe i deserve this...:(

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2009/07/13 04:29 - StageFright writes:
I like falling down! I usually laugh out loud.. Gees, lay back

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