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by : mery | written on :19/01/2009 | permalink


I've never been so embarrassed

my meter box was humming; I looked around for a cause, couldn't find one. Went outside, was reading on the verandah; 1/2 an hour later came back inside and the humming was much louder. I rang the power company in a mild state of anxiety and she said the truck was in the area and would call in. a few minutes later the noise was so loud, like drumming; i rang the power company back and told her to hurry; I was panincking, fearing the house would blow up. She reassured me they were nearly there, so I bravely went in and started to move stuff from a box below the fuse box. The noise moved too!! An old electric toothbrush waiting to be recycled had miraculously turned itself on and was vibrating on top of a wooden box. When I rang the power company to explain; there was a stunned silence at her end.

A friend says the power company probably use my calls as training aids! I'm just glad i don't have videophone.

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2009/01/19 13:24 - Kelly writes:
Haha! That's great! My boyfriend did something similar...although not quite as bad. We were staying in a hotel in Turkey and could hear something buzzing. My boyfriend went into the bathroom and told me it was coming from the sink. I walked in, had a listen and grabbed his toiletries bag and pulled out the electric toothbrush that was still switched on inside. I couldn't stop laughing.

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