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by : rocknrolla | written on :22/05/2009 | permalink


I've never been so embarrassed

So a couple of years ago my youth church had a trip planned for Safeco Field (in Seattle, WA, where the Mariners play). Anyways, it wasn't very packed, especially in the cheap seats we had gotten, and so we were all pretty spread out. My friend Stephanie and I had began a battle between this guy Drew earlier while we were still on the bus. The two of us left to get something to drink, and decided to fill a cup with water, and then pour it on Drew's head. So, we get the cup ready, and walk over to him. Drew is leaning over a railing and talking to some of our fellow church members down below. With his back turned, I took the cup and poured the water all over him (it even splashed and got the people he was talking to wet as well). Stephanie and I laughed and then took our seats. About twenty minutes later, Drew starts climbing up the stands with one of those fry cups (drinking cups that hold fries) in his hands. With the look that he had on his face, I knew there were no fries in that cup, and that he was planning on getting the two of us wet in return. Stephanie jumped up, and began moving further down the aisle, but she wasn't moving fast enough because Drew was closing in fast and I was closer to him. Instead of moving down the row with Steph, I started climbing down the seats in front of me. The only problem with this, is that the seats fold up, so you have to make sure you put your foot down right so the chair opens. Well, needlesstosay, I misstepped and slowly began to fall down the stands. Lucky for me, and nice, comfy elderly couple broke my fall. Everyone started laughing at me, and all I could do was turn red and run away while the elderly woman asked me if I was alright.

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2009/05/22 12:27 - HadToBeMe writes:
Haha at least you were dry at the end of it.
2009/06/27 09:10 - parisa writes:
fine result. I wish I was there and didn't miss that

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