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by : Anonymous | written on :20/06/2009 | permalink


I've never been so embarrassed

Last night I was hanging with my girlfriend and a few of her friends, and we got bored so we started playing truth or dare. One thing led to another and as soon as we saw headlights i was dared to moon the next car. So i completely expose my ass, and i am the whitest person you have ever seen so it's hard to miss, stand in the middle of the street and stop the next car with my pale ass... turns out the driver was my girlfriend's mom taking her sister's back home.

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2009/06/27 09:03 - parisa writes:
I'm really glad I'm not you
2009/07/13 03:58 - StageFright writes:
Ouch! You should have picked truth.
2009/09/27 23:29 - coolcat373 writes:
god i bet she was MAD r u still seing the girl and how old r u

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