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by : parisa | written on :26/06/2009 | permalink

my boy frined & I

I've never been so embarrassed

It started from the time my boyfriend and I decided to get married. Things were fine before that. since then problems started to show.

I love him I die for him. you know he has to come to my parents and ask for my hand. I am sure he loves me but the problem is he has some kinda trouble with the way I dress. I am such an independant girl. I wear what I want and it doesn't hurt me whatever other people say.

he's raised up in a religious family and he wants me to act like a lady to wear other types of cloths.

At first he pretended it is his family that wants this kind of girl, but recently I've understood that it is his problem not anyone else's.

I said I don't want to continue it anymore, and now he sends me messages, emails and the stuff like that.

I am really embarrassed. I don't want to lose him,I also don't want to decide by my heart

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2009/06/26 11:53 - murphdjs writes:
Don't compromise who you are for what he wants otherwise you're not being yourself. And if you're not yourself you're putting on an act. Can you 'act' for the rest of your like married to him? No.

Find someone who loves you utterly and truly for who you are. For him to focus on such a petty and non-issue is reflecting very badly on him
2009/06/27 13:34 - jeets writes:
take my words.
in succesful relationships, you have to loose a bit and win a bit. There are 2 words which are closely related..... compromise and sacrifice..

if you luv him so much then , thats areally small sacrifice..
u change a bit and he would respond positively :)

luv life
2009/06/27 18:25 - hamid-khan writes:
if u luv him really , better to do the thing he wants, always there is a say: if u want to have big awards in ur life u have to lose some small things
2009/06/29 13:37 - ninigisan writes:
I disagree - if he loves you for who you are, then you shouldn't have to change anything abut yourself.

He should just accept the way you are - give and take doesnt apply in terms of personality..
2009/06/30 17:31 - parisa writes:
Well... you know I should say I tried to change. I did for a while. but I'd to accept trying not to be yourself is not easy.I really want to be what he wants.
He's also changed lots of his behaviors for me so have I, but the point is that the way you dress is really important it is a part of your personality. I don't want to change myself but you know I am in real hell to decide what to do. If I accept and change is like I've accept to be some one else. If I don't accept well... no marriage
2009/08/24 04:11 - brokenheart writes:
why are you embarrassed ?
just be yourself ...
that should be one of the reasons that he loved you right ..?( for the way you are i mean )
2009/09/27 23:27 - coolcat373 writes:
just be yourself and if he dousent like it DUMP HIM and find someone who likes U for U if he dousent like an inderpendant girl then FUCKEN SCREW HIM

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