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by : sparkle_princess123 | written on :25/09/2008 | permalink


I've never been so embarrassed

So my friend that I've liked for a while asks me to go to the movies with him and some friends. So I say yes, and the he asks if it's ok if he kisses me. I think, then uneasily say yes. He acts wierd... Finally, he tells me that I can't come, ad that he knew that all along (that I couldn't come to the movie) and he just didn't want to hurt my feelings. So technically I just told a boy that I'd kiss him, and now he's going to tell everyone!!!!!

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2008/09/26 13:59 - Kelly writes:
He sounds twisted. Why did he ask you to kiss him? Just to see if you would? Doesn't sound like much of a friend. You should poison him. Just kidding! Kinda.
2009/04/28 20:47 - nicki writes:
wow. your gay. stop being prude and blow him already.
2009/06/27 08:57 - parisa writes:
being punished ehile never kissing him? sounds so ridiculous. why don't you punch him on the face. An advice: never tell anyone you would kiss him until the time comes. you just make them look down on you in this way
2009/10/13 11:03 - accidentprone88 writes:
I feel for ya girl.
In 6th grade i had something simular happen to me.
this guy i really liked would occasionally talk to me at random and then one day he asked if i would go out with him. when i said yes, he laughed,shook his head and walked away.what an asshole.
i'd say drop em like a bad habit and wait for karma to come round.

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