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by : Anonymous | written on :26/01/2010 | permalink

Reunion night

I've never been so embarrassed

me and my neighborhood friends had a reunion party at a nearby bar. I was facing a trial the next day and wanted to take the stress out of the case and drink with my buddies. I got so f**ked up that when it came to the point to leave the bar, I experienced what we would call "blackout", there were two plans for our group, one group would head to our friends house and continue drinking there and the other was going to go clubbing. I promised myself that I would never go clubbing again because I always lose my cellphone in clubs (due to drunkenness). So I told my friends that I would join my friend in his house. The next day I woke up in my friends couch, his dad was playing internet poker beside me. He told me that my mom was looking for me. So I went home at around 12 noon time. This was what happened during my blackout: I went home, changed into pants (clubs here don't allow people in shorts) and headed to the club. In the club, I took one of the chairs being occupied by a woman and sat on it. The woman confronted me and asked me what was my problem. I told my friend that she had a problem with him and fix it. I stood up and approached their table to eat the food they had there (my friend who was in the same position did what I did) then I went out of the club. There is a nearby Starbucks so me and my friend went there. It was closed so we approached a table occupied by ladies. I sat there and fell asleep. My friend went to a mcdonalds to eat. He came back to starbucks and saw me completely asleep, my feet on top of the table and my zipper open. The ladies were still there. He woke me up so I got up. I thought the ladies were the ones who woke me up, so I punched the table hard and followed it by flipping it a little sideways so that their things would fall. As we approached home, I stopped at the guard house and told my friend that I would be okay if i sleep in the guard house, but he insisted that I should go home. He brought me to my friends house where they continued their drinks. They were shocked on what happened to me, I was acting very strange. I was wearing his leather shoes and shit. HAHAHA

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