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by : Kimora | written on :02/01/2010 | permalink


I've never been so embarrassed

It was the summer of 2006. Vacationing at Disney World Orlando Fl. I was going to snorkle at Sharks Reef in Typhoon Bay. Well, it was awesome, the most beautiful colors of fish you could imagine, LOL my friend Seth thought it would be funny "Not" to inform me that along with the fish that there were also non-aggressive shark you swim with..yes, i know!! I still don't understand the concept of how you arrive that a shark is unaggressive lol but these were. So, i was swimming alone, enjoying the fabulous colorful fish and the Coral reef is breathtaking..all of the sudden right in front of my snorkel mask, out of no where, swims a small blue shark..inches from my face...i paniced, in my state of panic and disbelief, i started thrashing about in the lagoon, screaming SHARK SHARK as loud as i could, all these little kids were laughing some were terrified, i almost drowned and got up to one of the tops of a coral reef and got up on it, this is one thing you just don't do at Sharks Reef, or anywhere, is touch the reef, but here i was on top of it in a state of panic. I actually thought a shark had accidently got in the lagoon lol i didn't have any idea they were in there and Duhhh thats why the name of the place was "Sharks Reef" my friend Seth was laughing so hard he could not even swim, well i was asked to "exit the water" lol even the managment was holding back the snickering as they led me out. So, i would have to say that that was my moment.

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