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by : purplepanda | written on :12/06/2012 | permalink


I've never been so embarrassed

I have this huge rivalry on one of the cheerleaders at my school. We have been enemies for as long as I could remember, and now that she's a cheerleader and I'm a popular soccer girl we get into a lot of fights. Well anyway one of her friends told her some big lie that I like her boyfriend so she had been planning to get me back for some time. She invited me to a pool party so of course I come and hang out in the pool. Well after some time I start chilling on the pool chairs and eventually fall asleep. Her and some of her cheerleaders come over to me and untie my bikini. They tie some string onto my wrist and ankles. When they were about to finish I feel the string tickling my ankle and start to wake up. They had no idea I would wake up so early and immediatly stand up. I start screaming and of course that attracts the attention of all the boys and they come bouncing over and to their surprise realize I'm stark nude. Then the cheerleader says,"Here's a great picture for the yearbook, smile!" They snap a photo and run off with my clothes. I was stranded their until my older sister picked me up. It was horrible.

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