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by : Mai | written on :15/09/2010 | permalink

The Drama King

I've never been so embarrassed

this is not realy embarrassing but more of like a pissing event. My fathers brother intently spitted on me from the veranda upstairs while im downstairs smoking. He didn't just do it once but twice. We were not realy on speaking terms because i just don't like him as a person. My grandmother to abort him when he was young due to poverty and a fight with one of her daughters my dad told me all of this so that explains his factory defcts as he grews up. He's 33 and still living with his mom and has no job and seems to have no interest on finding one. He is so irresponsible and that explains my indifference over him. He is such a jerk and because of my indifference to him that makes him feel that im disrespecting him in some sort of way. He's idea of respect is for his nieces and nephews to do whatever he bids them to do. He would boss some of my cousins around and tell them to wax and mop the floor and scrub it afterwards until it shines. As i look and compare his big abnoxious body towards my cousins frail and thin one i couldn't feel anymore respect towards him as he just lie down the sofa and watch t.v. His problem is he can't just do that to me and boss me around like that. So his way of showing whos the boss around the house is giving this people he can't control some pretty bad time. After what he did he didn't even say sorry and just walk away. So i told my dad which is he's older brother. My dad was so infuriated. He talked to my grandma about it and my grandma backed him up telling my dad that he didn't do it on purpose and that why would he say sorry for something accidental. What the was that? does she mean that a person should only say sorry to things they did on purpose? i mean what kind nutjob philosophy is that?. Now heres the big picture, its not just he wronged me but also after a week or two they completely altered the story up. They turned it upside down and instead of me being spitted at he told people that im the one who spitted at him in the past and was just too patient and just just let it pass. People believed him. What he did is he justified his wrongdoings by telling people that im the one who did the spitting just to mask his sin. He even told my dad that he was pained when he didn't believe him as a brother should do to a brother. What a drama king that one! im so infuriated and my whole family towards him and my mom practically wants to behead him. He made his own alliances and made people turn against me that in the first place im the one who's victim here. Now ain't that a badhap. I just want to share this so that my anger wouldn't pile up enough to give him a much more bigger badhap. I'm just so damn pissed i mean who wouldn't be if they were on my position?

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