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by : Anonymous | written on :29/10/2008 | permalink


Men! I hate them!

One guy have made everything to make me fall in love with him and after it... he is in another country... we comunicated every day, now - no msg at all... i have sent him 7 postcards for his Birthday (it was yesterday) and he even didn't say "thanks"... 2 weeks ago he said me so many wonderful words and now - nothing... i don't understand anything - i need explanation, but even haven't answer for this question: "should i say you Bye for ever?" just tell me... it's painfully...

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2008/10/29 21:24 - HadToBeMe writes:
Was he Italian? Because an Italian man did the same thing to me. If it was meant to be it will be, if not you will find someone better.
2008/10/29 21:25 - HadToBeMe writes:
...also, don't make contact again. Let him chase you ;)
2008/10/30 05:44 - Badhap victim writes:
he wasn't italian, but also from that part of Europe:) i won't and hope that my Price is still looking for my Kingdom:)
2009/11/16 04:55 - shazia writes:
leave him and get on wit ur life next time don go for long distance relationships they dont work and guys take advantage n act ruthless like this one

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