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Men! I hate them!

27 people wish they liked girls
FedUpWithJay | 19/01/2014
One more Narcisistic Jerk
OK Really the past like 6 months haven't been the most fun. But today capped them all. 1st my bf of 7 yrs & I haven't been getting along at all for a long while. This self-centered jerk has pla... - 0 Comments
Imonlyhuman | 23/12/2013
When he is bad he is, when he is good he is good!
I've been in this relationship for almost 3 years, I was insecure girl, in my high school year I was little but over weight, despite that he loved me and I lost weight and now I became the girl I w... - 0 Comments
rachelll | 06/10/2013
He's such a dick
How come he's not answering the phone??? Helloooo? Do you not see me calling you?!?! Stop fucking ignoring me - 2 Comments
Anonymous | 18/03/2013
Fuck guys. I hate you.
Okay, so he tells me he loves me then the next day he takes it back and says he wants to be alone? Okay? then we talk about it and he changes his mind and he tells me his sorry and wants to make it... - 0 Comments
Anonymous | 29/12/2011
I hate myself.
I am not complaining about anyone but myself. Frankly speaking, I've already repeated year 10 because of my cowardice. But now, I am gonna do the same. Why am I such a weakling? - 0 Comments
Anonymous | 29/11/2011
So confused
I don't usually fool myself into thinking romantic feelings during highschool will matter later on but I just need to get these feelings out so ber with me. There's this guy and I was friends with ... - 0 Comments
jewel020 | 02/09/2011
I have no idea what happened
After ending my last relationship I started talking to this guy. At first we wuld jus party 2gether but then after a while we started hanging out more, he even introduced me 2 his son and his famil... - 0 Comments
delightfullydull | 31/05/2011
Memorial Day Golfing
So the boyfriend plays in a golf tournament on Memorial Day Monday, and he is really iffy about me even joining him. He finally tells me TEN MINUTES before we need to leave to get up and get dresse... - 0 Comments
Chaotic_Dreamz | 09/02/2011
Psycho Bf
I was with my boyfriend JR for about 5 or 6 months. I'm in my senior year and I decided we should break up and go our separate ways considering I'm headed to college and he isn't even finishing hig... - 4 Comments
idontknow | 22/06/2010
Oh, Brother.
Today, my boyfriend was at my house, and I went to the bathroom only to come back to him using my vibrator screaming my brothers name. Isn't that just great. - 3 Comments
beBeh | 14/11/2009
My boyfriend dump me for a not so pretty girl
I had this boyfriend of mine we've been together for almost three years now and he just dumped me just like that he told me that I am a no good for nothing peson, that he just played me for a fool,... - 4 Comments
gwngrl818 | 11/07/2009
Today i got a new nickname from one of the most popular guys at school, 'hard tits'. - 4 Comments
Anonymous | 18/06/2009
wat the hell?
it was a 3 yr relationship very intense and loving and he promised me we would be married and when it was time(cos my parents were forcing me to marry and settle down) he refused to talk to his par... - 10 Comments
Anonymous | 18/06/2009
My Boyfriend Was Chasing His Ex-Girlfriend On Craigslist!
I was surfing craigslist missed connection, which was a habit that he knew that I had, so imagine my shock when I began to read posts that sounded like they were in his voice, but another woman's n... - 0 Comments
makachabas | 15/06/2009
hell with men
i have been with a guy for 4 years and found out that he's been cheating on me and he has impregnated the girl so i broke up with him. Haven't dated for almost a year till this guy Lux, i thought h... - 1 Comment
abalone_girl | 07/06/2009
My wife's name is Coors (beer)
I was dating a guy whom seemed to have it all together. He owned his home, and two nice sail boats. He had his own business, was good looking and intelligent to boot. After dating for about 6 weeks... - 2 Comments
loidz | 30/04/2009
damn you joseph!!!
okay! so i was the one who avoided you first,but its only coz your acting like a total jerk!what the hell was that for?!after you used me and then suddenly you act as if nothing happened?i wasnt su... - 0 Comments
Anonymous | 30/04/2009
Another bad birthday
So I would never say that I am the sweetest person in the world, but I would like to say that I am a nice person, well why do bad things happen to good people. So my birthday comes and just like it... - 0 Comments
Anonymous | 09/04/2009
I want you back
So after 3 years in a relationship that was going nowhere I finally got out (He was 27, I was 17. I thought he loved me. He figured he could get away with zero effort & collect all the benefits). I... - 1 Comment
Anonymous | 03/04/2009
he became very distant and still says 'I love you"
Oh, I am not sure if I hate him, although he deserves to be hated... Our relationship started as in fairytale..everything you can imagine. with all promises of everlasting love and even marriage. ... - 2 Comments
ROCKY1981 | 04/03/2009
Go figure
So last night my bf had a game of inline hockey at 9.30, he picked me up from my place as I usually go watch him play and he watches me the next night. The games were running late and he finished... - 2 Comments
an_aussie_OS | 11/12/2008
Are you a bisexual?
So you may have already read my badhap under "I can't believe how drunk I was" - So I’m the only one on this night bus as we head back towards London and this guy gets on and sits right opposite m... - 4 Comments
Anonymous | 04/12/2008
I went to a shop to buy some sweets for an ungrateful colleague. I was accosted by this fat freak in the homewares section who grabbed my arm and then started breathing down my neck... "pweeeety gi... - 0 Comments
Anonymous | 04/12/2008
stupid lying turd
When I broke up with my now ex, it was a mutual decision. He was a dick and I'd put up with him for so long because I loved him (although I think I'd come to hate him more than I loved him because ... - 5 Comments
pretzel | 03/11/2008
not exactly....
well i haven't been dumped but i thought this sort of fit with the topic... okay so I have never been in a relationship before in my life and I'm at the age where all of my friends have boyfriends ... - 3 Comments
Anonymous | 29/10/2008
One guy have made everything to make me fall in love with him and after it... he is in another country... we comunicated every day, now - no msg at all... i have sent him 7 postcards for his Birthd... - 4 Comments
Anonymous | 29/07/2008
fucked relationship
i tried to give my boyfriend(ldr) a surprise,went down to see him. only to find that not only would he not meet me,but wouldnt even answer my call,because i hadnt informed him that i was coming(hel... - 1 Comment
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