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by : FedUpWithJay | written on :19/01/2014 | permalink

One more Narcisistic Jerk

Men! I hate them!

OK Really the past like 6 months haven't been the most fun. But today capped them all. 1st my bf of 7 yrs & I haven't been getting along at all for a long while. This self-centered jerk has played me on a string the entire time. What's really weird is that he doesn't have a Mommy thing he has a sister thing. He is so far up this woman's butt he allows her to say whatever she wants about me. The only thing he's ever given me on my b-day is tears. He makes me spend every holiday alone because he doesn't want to 'cause a problem' with her & I am explicitly not invited. One of the reasons I am not invited is supposedly because I don't have a 'job'. What he fails to mention is that he expects me to work for him 24/7 for no pay. According to him room & board should be enough. But none of that is really important now because he told the whole family he kicked me to the curb 3 years ago so they wouldn't be upset anymore. This means that I can't have any of my things out in the open in the house now cause one of them might drop by. If they do I am to hide in the back room. This is the same a-hole who refused to take me to the hospital in the middle of the Southern summer when I was sick & then he made me hitchhike home.I had a fever of a 105. He took me to a firehouse & dropped me off. But I'm the one who's cold. If this wasn't enough, he says I should be grateful for whatever he decides to give me. Which is pretty much nothing, I'm embarrassed to say my poor mom buys me clothes & necessities since he refuses to let have any money or use the car to get some. He says he pays enough to feed me. I weigh 105 pounds. He takes pics of my so called 'bad housekeeping' to show all his friends how horrible I am. & if all that ain't enough this d-bag complains that I won't sleep with him. Really? You think? All he does is talk trash about me behind my back, use me like a indentured servant , & criticize everything from my appearance to how I do or don't do things. He's a self-centered passive-aggresive narcissitic liar. Not to mention the fact that if I actually try to be romantic with him He puts forth no effort at all. To the point where I have to finish myself & he doesn't even offer to help. His response "That's what I get for making him wait so long & not being nicer to him' Oh yeah There's a way to make me ready to jump into bed with you again. But that's not my day lol. So I am trying to leave him. Because of the horrible financial situation he's put me in I am selling everything I own of value so I can get the hell out of here. & I'm in the garage up on a chair cause I'm very short looking for some stuff I had stored so I could sell it & Bam! Fall off the chair Land on the concrete floor & cut the side of my hand pretty bad coming down & bruised my leg something awful. Does that jerk care? What do you think? I had to go next door & get my neighbor to help me wrap it cause he wouldn't & it was in an awkward place for me to do myself. Then a couple of hours later I go to rewrap it & need to find the ointment Well I start looking through the boxes that hold our bathroom stuff cause our medicine cabinet fell & broke one night Of course he hasn't gotten around to fixing it cause he's too busy doing things for his sister So I'm rooting around in the box & Bam!! Sliced the end of my index finger same hand on a razor someone threw in the box. What kind of fracking idiot would do that ?! Oh yeah that fracking idiot. So now I'm really not in a good mood & he starts getting on me again & of course I blow up too So we have this huge fight & he tells me hates me & wants me to leave which is kind of par for the course with him But the thing that really made my blood boil was when he told me he was tired of & hated 'my crazy mom & my retarded son' My son has autism BTW I have never asked for one red cent from this jerk where my son is concerned. It was all I could do not to slap the stupid little bas**rd. So that's my day so far & that's why I'm here I don't think it could get any worse but hey the nights still young.

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