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by : Anonymous | written on :18/06/2009 | permalink

wat the hell?

Men! I hate them!

it was a 3 yr relationship very intense and loving and he promised me we would be married and when it was time(cos my parents were forcing me to marry and settle down) he refused to talk to his parents about it!He had no intentions of dumping me from the start, he was a great guy, but he just couldnt gather the courage to talk to and convince his parents. Anyway i decided to move on after the heartbreak and i told him i didnt want to continue seeing him when the relationship wasnt heading anywhere.He said he wanted to see me until one of us gets married to someone else as he cant be without seeing me.So i continued to meet him feeling disappointed and not feeling commited to him anymore though still loving him..Then i meet another nice guy and like him and he proposes marriage to me and i think 'ok why not? hez a nice guy with a nice family and its better than settling down with a stranger that my parents might find for me considering they are in such a hurry for my marriage' and accept the proposal and tell my so-called 'boyfriend' about it.NOW,my boyfriend accuses me of cheating on him and being selfish.Hello?in wat way is this selfish?u refused to do anything about our future and so i moved on.Wat is selfish about that??wat the hell?did he think i would wait for him to change his mind, all my life??must be kidding me!

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2009/06/18 10:09 - Siegfried writes:
hmmm... I am sorry, but he is right - you are looking for a husband, not for love. If it would be love, you wouldnt care about marriage.
2009/06/18 11:25 - shox writes:
The fact that any of you two need to consult your parents regarding marriage is a sure sign that you're too young for that. If your goal in life (even short-term) is to find a husband, you're most probably doomed regardless of whether you find him or not. I'm sorry to be blunt. You need to hear or read this somewhere.
2009/06/18 11:39 - murphdjs writes:
You're parents shouldn't be forcing you to get married. It's your decision and you'll know when its the right time to make it when you find someone you love. If you go in with the mindset of marrying every guy you meet its doomed to fail with the extra expectations.
2009/06/18 14:04 - sephone writes:
You need to read the book 'He's just not that into you'
cuz this guy... he's not that into you.
I also hate to be blunt but you have no one but yourself to blame for continuing to 'date' the loser. Seriously read the book!!! Oh and for the record... don't hate all men just cuz of the losers out there, there are good men but you need to understand them better.
2009/06/18 15:40 - Badhap victim writes:
guys thanks for the comments and advice. i think i should have added that i am in india and it works very differently here u have no clue. the whole family gets involved. its a completely different culture u'l be quite shocked:)
2009/06/18 15:44 - Badhap victim writes:
guys thanks for the advice. i think i should have added the most important point that i am in India.its a completely different culture here you'l be quite shocked.the whole family gets involved and both of us were aware of that.anyway its over i'l let it go.thanks again guys
2009/06/18 16:32 - s2krish writes:
you must be older then the boy, that's the problem
2009/06/19 03:05 - cSharp writes:
I'm from India too and I understand the whole family thing. But seriously, you need to be more open minded about something that you're going to have to live with for the rest of your life. Don't rush into marriage if you're not ready for it, because down the road, when you realize that you shouldn't have got married for whatever reason, you're going to have to live with the consequences and your parents won't be there with you. It's harsh, but its reality.
2009/07/26 09:00 - al writes:
I'm from India too,I know the whole story. But trust me,dont give in to your parents. You dont have to be with this loser,but wait till the right guy comes along and you fall in love. Times are changing,your parents will learn to live with it.
2010/05/28 09:07 - kayjay19 writes:
Ithink you shouldn't rush things but w8 4 the ryt person and at the ryt time coz u'll neva knw wats in store 4 u unless u w8.

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