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My mobile phone has been lost/stolen

7 people are trying to track down their contacts.
Hapless Harriet | 15/05/2010
The date that never happened
At a party recently, I met the hottest, sweetest, lovely guy - the man of my dreams. We had a pash, exchanged numbers, and sent a few texts over the next few days. On the day he was going to call... - 2 Comments
brittsta.hinch | 23/11/2008
F***ing Toilets
I was at a mates party and i had mi new phone in my back pocket.I was using the toilet just before i left and my phone dropd outa my poket and into the toilet. I was talking to my mates next mornin... - 1 Comment
K-Dizzle | 01/10/2008
Mugged by Frenchies on my first trip abroad
At the tender age of 18 I was on my first holiday abroad sans mes parents in Paris. Myself and my mate had just taken in the sites and were trying to make our way back to our hostel in Montmartre. ... - 1 Comment
Becks | 05/09/2008
A good night
Ok last night I went out to a free Bacardi do at SE1 and it had a top line up of DJ Yoda, Krafty Kuts, Evil Nine & Groove Armada(DJ Set). Upon entry they told us that there was free drinks for the ... - 1 Comment
Anonymous | 11/07/2008
Very Very Stupid
Earlier this year I lost my mobile phone. Gutted cos it had all my contacts in it and I'm too unorganised to keep them written somewhere else. Double gutted as there was some kinky video footag... - 0 Comments
mobile phones and water DONT MIX
i dropped my phone down the toilet it was in my back pocket and fell out and went down the loo , i had to get it out of the toilet thank god it was clean as i was in the cinerma and there was a que... - 0 Comments
Anonymous | 07/07/2008
Flushed away
I recently got one of those sexy, slim Samsung slide mobiles. I had it in my back pocket because I was waiting for a call. Then nauture called so I went to the bathroom. As I pulled my jeans bac... - 1 Comment
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