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My wallet's gone

4 people have had to cancel credit cards
HadToBeMe | 15/08/2009
Scumbag stole my wallet!
I was out last night with two friends who were visiting from the other side of the world and whom I hadn't seen in some time. We were at Hoxton Square Bar and Kitchen in London, and I'd just like ... - 0 Comments
ladefase122 | 06/08/2009
JC's Man?
While at the mall a preacher wanted me to buy a Bible after I purchased one and recieved a pamphlet he hugged me afterwards when I went to the store my wallet was gone. A preacher stole my wallet. - 0 Comments
funnybunny19 | 23/10/2008
At a piercing parlour
I was with my friend going to get her lip pierced where I went downstairs with her to hold her hand. I left my bag upstairs since I thought the receptionist would keep an eye on it. When I got bac... - 1 Comment
Doomsday | 07/07/2008
Bad Boss
I had my $200 Diesel bag stolen from right under my nose as I was cleaning up after work one night, with my sunglasses, book, cd wallet with 30 cd's, wallet with 400 bucks and all my cards, and exp... - 0 Comments
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