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My wedding was a disaster

5 people wish they had done it differently...or not at all
Anonymous | 28/04/2014
what do you do when your wedding is a disaster
what you guys do ,, when u feel u r trapped in a bad marriage,,, and when u hv a kid,, whom u love more then ur life,, n cant call the marriage quit,, what do u do in that case.,. - 0 Comments
mikejagger | 28/04/2014
i am so fucked up
man,, my wife is a serious twin of evil . i asked my brother-in-law for some cash,, he told his wife tht,, are thy having some problem,, do you know,,,, she called my wife,, my wife made an issue o... - 0 Comments
edazzz | 23/07/2010
my fear
i really enjoy dance and i really want to become a professional dancer when i grow up. the thing is i feel shy and i dont feel ready. i dont know if i can do it, - 0 Comments
Anonymous | 20/08/2009
Never invite an ex to your wedding
I was a bit reluctant to say yes when my husband to be asked if he could invite one of his ex girlfriends to our wedding, but we'd been together 8 years and I didn't think it would do any harm. ... - 1 Comment
Anonymous | 22/06/2009
The worst marriage EVER
How bad is this... I got married to a guy I was seeing for over 3 years. We lived together, worked together and spent every moment together, or at least so I thought. We got married in November... - 2 Comments
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