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by : bored | written on :23/07/2009 | permalink


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i just moved into a new city and i totally have no friends in here, today is my 18 birthday and i have no party, no friends, just my mom who agreed to take me to the movies. i wanted to see public enemies tomorrow but guess what? they are not showin' it in my town. i couldnt be more misrable.

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2009/07/23 18:01 - HadToBeMe writes:
18th birthday with your mum? That does suck :(
2009/08/16 07:19 - suchaloser writes:
well atleast your mum cares! But i feel ya, i moved to a large city. Was alone new years ever and new years day. Cried my butt off, now i have friend but for 4 months i lived in utter solitude. Even my parents kept forgetting to call, i called them to ask them if they wanted to know how i was doing!

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