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Youngsandwich5763 | 13/10/2014
I am very stressed out. I think my parents hate me. They never talk to me, and when they do they try to cut the conversation short. But when my sister walkes in, they are all loud and having a good... - 0 Comments
ZS626 | 19/07/2014
Typical Day for me
So today I started out with falling asleep next to my dog. Then he begins to bark. He barks non stop for 3 minutes. It's not his fault, I mean if a 4 year old walked down the street in pajam... - 0 Comments
Anonymous | 11/09/2013
Didn't make the tennis team
I didn't make the tennis team. Big whoop right? Whats so bad you may ask? -I went to EVERY practice, I even practiced on my own time in the blistering 40 degree C heat. There was 1 spot left- and ... - 0 Comments
Anonymous | 11/09/2013
where do i begin
Well as it says where do i begin? I'm in a complicated relationship or shall asay a complicated spot in my life. i love my fiance and we have a beautiful baby together but there is a rivalry in the... - 1 Comment
nikki6soccer | 17/02/2013
I dont get it
I don't get it. I was walking with my friend to school after having a huge fight with my mother and I was venting to her about what had happend. A boy in my school was walking behind me and heard e... - 0 Comments
ILikeThis | 30/01/2013
My boss...
She and this new woman instructor that my boss hired, seem to be "talking" behind my back. I just have that feeling whenever i see them around each other. she also seems to be avoiding me whenever ... - 0 Comments
Anonymous | 29/01/2013
what is wrong with people?
why don't you get the same respect from people that you give to them so well? why can't they understand a simple 'NO'? does being nice mean nothing? what is the skin of people made of? How idiotic ... - 0 Comments
Anonymous | 09/12/2012
depressed spouse
waking up every morning to a depressed and moody spouse really sucks :( i know it's not his fault, and i really wanna help him, but nothing seems to be working. end up tip toeing around him and i h... - 0 Comments
Anonymous | 09/11/2012
Where the fuck is the justice?
I know this is a classic question that we've all heard over and over again but why the hell do bad things happen to good people? I don't only have an issue with bullshit happening to me but the fac... - 0 Comments
Anonymous | 17/08/2012
Who to choose!
Ok, so my ex boyfriend who i am in love with and i have recently started talking again. but heres the back story to y we broke up. So my parents hate him and his parents and friends hate me and we ... - 0 Comments
higgins | 20/07/2012
Could have been worse...
I work a split shift and was at home on my break the other day. I decided to have a shower to freshen up as my wife was entertaining guests. I could feel a rumbling in my stomach and thought now'... - 0 Comments
Tnovander | 22/06/2012
Everyday I wake up & it's always the same. I feel like I'm never happy & never will be my mom went to prison & my whole life has been uprooted since then I live in a house with some peo... - 1 Comment
Anonymous | 30/05/2012
Venting for the first time.
I am the kind of person who does not like to talk to people about my problems. I am usually the one who gives advice to my friends/family about their problems. I am the voice of reason when it come... - 1 Comment
Rageman | 12/05/2012
Forum Assholes
I have been taking shit from a bunch of fucking punks that like to talk shit and constantly fucking criticize me behind my back and when confronting them. I'm struggling to keep composure as this I... - 0 Comments
Anonymous | 29/04/2012
I left my PANTS at my CRUSHES house! And even worst maybe in his room!!!!
Ok, so I had a good friend who had a brother who I was interested in. So me, my friend, and her brother were taking pictures. So I sat down on a bulldozer and it left a yellow butt shaped stain on ... - 2 Comments
Anonymous | 24/01/2012
A drunk accident
I was at a new years party and I arrived with a few buds because it was new years and we planned on drinking but of course the cops broke up the party around 3am right after my girlfriend showed up... - 1 Comment
Toasted | 29/11/2011
Supressed Emotions
I just can't take it anymore! Okay, first a little background information: I live in a perfect little cookie-cutter suburban house with married, straight parents of European decent with two darling... - 0 Comments
hamlino | 14/09/2011
addiction to masturbation
i am addicted 2 masturbation. I tried 2 fight it but the more i fight it, the more the masturbation keeps coming. i dont know what to do. - 0 Comments
Anonymous | 02/06/2011
Near death experince
I decided to try drugs which ended up in a bad thing, i have never been good doing the "right" thing. I got ahold of Crystal Meth and i really knew nothin about it so i did it freely the frist day... - 0 Comments
Anonymous | 02/06/2011
My life or My weight?
Have you ever done something because you felt like there wouldn't be a single person that would care if something bad were to happen to you? I know exactly what that feels like, we all struggle a... - 1 Comment
Anonymous | 31/05/2011
My best friend of about 6 years just recently came out to me and told me he was gay. He admits that he had been avoiding me the past few weeks before he came out to me because he was afraid of how ... - 0 Comments
Anonymous | 26/04/2011
What to do!?
Ok so when i was fifteen (last year) around november, i was on a site called My Life Is Average (MLIA) and from there i came across a website called mystery google where u type in something on the ... - 0 Comments
xoxoautumnoxox | 09/02/2011
So my friend was house-sitting for some people who lived down the street from her for a week, she told her paretns she was sleeping at her friends so she could throw a party there because they had ... - 0 Comments
xoxoautumnoxox | 21/01/2011
snowy love
One night when i was in new york visiting my mother i decided to sneak out to see my boyfriend, we had plans to do some "innapropriate things" and i was pumped.. so we get to this appartement and g... - 3 Comments
craicagusceol | 19/10/2010
My wedding day
May 2009 was the date of my wedding, myself and my Wife chose a beautiful location, up in cairns in Australia (we live in Melbourne). As you do with weddings you plan and organise, plan and organis... - 0 Comments
Anonymous | 23/09/2010
Bad day.
I woke up late, didn' hear my alarm. Was about an hour late to school, looked horrible. Got to school, failed a math test. Let me add that i just started to attend a private school so I'm fairly ne... - 1 Comment
Shaina | 31/08/2010
bla bla bla
Arnav is my brother.He SaYs BlA bLa.I HaTe HiM. - 2 Comments
anonymouschicken | 14/08/2010
What in the world is happening?!
Before I start yelling my lungs out, today is still the hungry ghost festival. For thos not living in Asia, you may not know it so, Googling would solve your questions on what it is all about. Oka... - 0 Comments
lukeimyafada | 06/08/2010
My Dads Defacto
I am living at home and with my dads girlfriend who just had a baby, i can't stand her! there is a thin wall between the babies room and mine, and there are echoing floorboards, everytime i accide... - 0 Comments
sonofsam | 04/08/2010
Stung in the face!
Got rudely woken up at 4 this morning by a wasp and 2 of his really aggressive pals. It must have been trying to walk on my face while I was asleep and I must have tried to move him along as the l... - 2 Comments
lukeimyafada | 26/07/2010
I Hate Police Expecially The Police In Port Pirie My Mother Used To Beat Me Up And When I Reported Her They Would Do Nothing... But When I Defended Myself By Pushing Her Arm Away She Called Th... - 1 Comment
reden | 24/07/2010
Shoe Poo Shitstorm
In a busy few days prior to the marriage of two close friends, in which I was an usher, I was left with one problem - getting some new shoes. Being laid back to the point of being disorganised, i w... - 0 Comments
Anonymous | 01/06/2010
Are the worlds most selfish invention. the thing that keeps one person dry makes those around you wetter and you have to dodge the random attacks from the edges. I hate people with umbrellas that ... - 1 Comment
Anonymous | 30/05/2010
Mother from hell
I am 48 years old My mother told me today that the reason my twin brother is so unsuccessful in his life is because he is intimidated by my success. That he is jealous of me being able to 'Do thin... - 1 Comment
Venus | 02/04/2010
My Age???
Okay. Enough. This is the very last straw. I dropped in to see what you folks were up to and (sure-enough-as-usual-ad-nauseum) opted to Sign Up. So here I am, a full-fledged member and already you'... - 5 Comments
Anonymous | 08/01/2010
I hate going to weddings
I am a single female who do not want to go weddings anymore. I find myself feeling jealous and kind of angry, because I do not know when my relationship will ever grow. People say that I should let... - 0 Comments
Anonymous | 25/12/2009
I am lonely
It is Christmas and my boyfriend have no time for me. Every christmas morning since 2002, I went to his family's house to open up christmas gifts and then spend time with his family. This year, he ... - 2 Comments
syirish | 09/11/2009
nt jst a bad hap but year of badhaps or m i a bad hap?
year 2009 .... this is da most memorable year of my lyf nt b coz of nething gr8 but sumthing totally cripling fr me im 20 years old ryt nw livin wit my mom lyfs neva seemed more worse.. so ill illu... - 4 Comments
Anonymous | 10/10/2009
My never Ending
I miss him and GOD i love him!i love him,i love him,i love him! 15 and two years back i met a guy (who is 18) through a mutual friend online and since then,things have never been the sa... - 1 Comment
StrapItOn | 15/08/2009
Sister and the strap-on
So it started like many embarrassing moments when me and my current at the time girlfriend were at my house all alone. We were a pretty kinky couple and one of her favorite things to do was to fuck... - 3 Comments
ladefase122 | 06/08/2009
Screw Everyone
Today, I went to the mall. When I was there it a a little white girl about 6 or 7 who looked at me funny. She ran to her mother asking, "Why aren't there anymore red people?" Her mother told her, "... - 0 Comments
bored | 23/07/2009
i just moved into a new city and i totally have no friends in here, today is my 18 birthday and i have no party, no friends, just my mom who agreed to take me to the movies. i wanted to see public ... - 2 Comments
denise | 13/07/2009
mom & "the home"
My mother came out of her Alzheimer's fog over the weekend just long enough to realize that the pretty new apartment we moved her into is actually a Nursing Home. She is now going back & forth betw... - 2 Comments
craicagusceol | 20/06/2009
Confession of an Irishman
Right, this is kinda humiliating but true and I figure this is the best place to put this story. Ever since I was knee high to a grasshopper, I've loved meat, meat for breakfast, lunch and dinner a... - 4 Comments
Anonymous | 19/06/2009
i am pretty depressed
hi i am new here , and i am reading some of the stories here and i find them sometimes alittle on the funny side. sorry if i put it wrongly , but life is not very funny from what my life is going t... - 7 Comments
Anonymous | 16/06/2009
Lost Passport
All I can say is thank god for the Americans making you apply for your visa online weeks before you travel, if it wasn't for them I wouldn't have found out I'd lost my passport until days before we... - 0 Comments
Anonymous | 06/06/2009
I feel so devastated
yesterday night i happened to check my boyfriend's mails and i came across his pictures with his ex gf. i feel really miserable seeing those steamy pics. he had given me a different picture all tog... - 5 Comments
Anonymous | 01/06/2009
cuz i did not believe in myself !
University Entrance Exam is extremely important in student lives here.It was estimated that nearly 1 million Vietnamese students took the UEE, but 1 out of 5 succeeded...universiteies are considere... - 0 Comments
nikki | 31/05/2009
siblings, curses or blessing
life suck the most when u have your hope trampled on this is like the worst month/year of my 18. something years i've spent on the surface of earth at the beggining of this year, my sis came with... - 0 Comments
Anonymous | 17/05/2009
They Rang!
I have been waiting for an important phone call for the last 3 weeks and whilst i was away on holiday, THEY RANG! Moden mobile phones mean you can make phone calls all over the world, so why is... - 0 Comments
SarahB | 22/04/2009
Spring Break
I went to South Carolina for spring break with my best friend mel. We were on the beach in our sexy skimpy bikinis and prom was coming up so we wanted to get tan for the big dance. I didn't want an... - 3 Comments
Anonymous | 15/04/2009
i was out smoking and i got caught by the cops. i tried to run but ended up hiting a tree. i was so wasted. the arrested me and i kicked him the nuts. so i took off runing and he chased me down and... - 3 Comments
shamrock1234 | 05/04/2009
A vent to all those planning two wedding celebrations..You are being tacky!!!
This a vent towards all the engaged or recently married couples planning on having the small wedding, destination wedding or elopement, taking the congratulations and gifts given to them at that ... - 0 Comments
gone_tomorrow | 29/03/2009
I want my money
Most people have heard about the government stimulus package where certain people recieve money from the government. Well as im on youth allowance i get to recieve that money. But it is so not f... - 1 Comment
choward | 18/03/2009
EGO Contemno Populus
Can I use bad language here? What pisses me off? Nearly everything pisses me off. People in general are just damn stupid. Seems as though every race of humankind is in different stages of evolution... - 3 Comments
Anonymous | 12/02/2009
Maybe she was just lazy?
So i have just got in from going to see "Traces" at the Peacock Theatre in London and it was awesome. You can't complain about seeing a show like that. My girlfriend and i enjoyed it immensely ...a... - 0 Comments
peter | 07/02/2009
My Camera's broken.
I have been trying to deny this badhap for a almost a week, but i need to come to terms with it and share. it might help. So, we were all off to build a snowman in the crazy amounts of snow and... - 0 Comments
peter | 10/01/2009
Royal George Pub - Waste of Time
It's a Friday evening and I'm meeting some friends at the Royal George (just off Charing Cross Rd) on my way to a gig. I arrive and find my friends then offer to buy some drinks. There was a few... - 0 Comments
dreams | 06/01/2009
unforgetable journey
it is almost 15 years ago i was travelling in a train. coming from dehradun to delhi.i was travelling in ladies cotch. the compatment was nt so full.i was sleeping on a birth .train stopped at hari... - 0 Comments
richigates | 31/12/2008
new year ?
this new year, I went out from my house because I think I’m getting bored after school so I might take some fun before going crazy . you know ? I’m 13 years old and my sister was come after she wen... - 1 Comment
Anonymous | 28/12/2008
It's sad to belong
its sad to belong to someone else when you think the right one came along?. I was 18 when I saw him. Got to know him during adventure camp but as A levels are drawing near I will not even consider ... - 0 Comments
surekha | 25/12/2008
Driving Test II
so im there with my friends and ask them what they're doing outside and they tell me there were no classes and that classes were cancelled for the afternoon session and that they thot i wudn't be ... - 0 Comments
surekha | 24/12/2008
My Driving Test
It was a series of the worsthaps! It was the day of my DL test(Driving License).Here in India, the transport department inspectors come to a particular place near the Transport Office, usually late... - 3 Comments
Anonymous | 03/12/2008
alone is my perfect name
I m alone!always i found the my badfortune since childhood i m facing lot of problem in mylife never i demand goodlife and other things so gives me happy my faith is only god but god is not favo... - 2 Comments
murphdjs | 28/11/2008
My shoes are trying to kill me
I went home and got 2 pairs of shoes for £40. "Bargain!" I thought. No. Both pairs of shoes have the slipperiest soles ever. I swear they have never heard of the word friction. Yesterday I ne... - 1 Comment
SueSnue | 29/10/2008
Being all alone.....
Right now, I'm all alone in my house. This is awful because my Grandpa just died last night and instead of driving down with my father to be with the rest of my family, I have to stay up here beca... - 2 Comments
Stupid dell customer services
i been needing a new laptop for ages , my old laptop was dying on me , so i decided to get myself a new one. well i went to get a dell laptop ,i had to order it over the phone from dell as pc world... - 0 Comments
Anonymous | 26/08/2008
fucking html
me and my pal were knocking up some sweet-ass code to wow those cool kidz on MySpace. we had our image looking sexy and i sat down to write the code to link it to our awesome website. a simple piec... - 0 Comments
Anonymous | 05/08/2008
Sorry Mum
I was going on a holiday to visit my Mum in Cairns. I told her I was arriving on Saturday. Mum sat there for about two hours waiting for my flight which she thought must have been delayed. I on the... - 0 Comments
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