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by : Youngsandwich5763 | written on :13/10/2014 | permalink


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I am very stressed out. I think my parents hate me. They never talk to me, and when they do they try to cut the conversation short. But when my sister walkes in, they are all loud and having a good time. If they go out they wait for a day I have work so I can't go. My brother steals cigarettes from them and they think it is me, so they threatend to kick me out ( I am only 17). I have no place to go if so, andmI'm not taking them. If I try to joke with them they think I am doing it to be mean and they yell at me. I cry infront of them and tell them I am depressed and all they do is sit there. They don't even care to ask if I'm okay. I am giving up. When I turn 18, I am out of here, away from them.

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