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by : Anonymous | written on :19/06/2009 | permalink

i am pretty depressed

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hi i am new here , and i am reading some of the stories here and i find them sometimes alittle on the funny side. sorry if i put it wrongly , but life is not very funny from what my life is going thru ... i am a guy 48 this year , and just went thru the worst divorce , i lost custody of my 12 yr old kid , whom i love very much , and now have to see him only weekends and its a struggle and i see him slowly drifting away from me ... a kid i love now gone with my ex-wife - an ambitious , arrogant , corporate , power hungry hyporcite - in front of people sooo sweet , in the house like a frigging tyrant . I committed audltery - no sex for 2 years makes one alittle horny . The church - the once wonderful warm congregation , the nice , understanding pastor that helped me during my separation 3 years ago and bought me back to my wife whom was cheating on me - now says - with the rest of the church that i am a big fat lousy hopeless sinner - becos i admitted i committed adultery , and my ex-wife did not . no sex with a woman for 2 years does make one horny . charismatics are so judgemental . or is it the tithes my wife gives while i have to struggle , while clearing my credit cards . My church sister whom we shares so many prayers and testimonies in cell groups - was a bitch selling our matrimony house . i got screwed royally , i am such a fucking hopeless guy - soft hearted , always thinking of others - getting fucked by them like a doormat .

now i am alone at 48 in an old apartment which i bought , with my parents . struggling to mend my life up . i dont know where i am going but i just work , wake up , breathe , sleep and work some more . while my arrogant bitch of an ex-wife is staying in a lovely condo .

guys - save your money , don't think of others - have your own account and keep it away from your wife . one day you maynot know you may need it .

i just hope one day things will get better for me , cos its depressing to know you are just ordinary .

i wish i had a million dollars . people look down on you when u don't have money . gosh i am tired .

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2009/06/20 00:09 - Grooveymover writes:
You've got to get through the rain storm to get the rainbows! cliche I know but when you hit rock bottom the only way is up and I hope things get better for you.
2009/06/20 19:25 - Badhap victim writes:
thanks , but really feel like you get your gut kicked out of you , and suddenly life lost - not its meaning - but alot of meaning . you know when u are young - you have tons of dreams , tons of ambitions - and then what happens - you be a nice guy . Never Never be a nice guys - to all you guys and gals out ther - NICE GUYS SUCKS ! people will take yoiu like a doormat and step on you . they will take your goofy smile and good day and turn it to their advantage . its a cliche - a cruel cruel world
2009/06/20 19:29 - Badhap victim writes:
i have so much hate . i hate my ex-wife who is a real bitch . i hate the hypocritical pastor who say ' divorce' and had the frigging cheek to sms me 3 months later and apologise for forsaking me in my darkest hour - i wish that creep that wolf in sheep clothing get found out , i hope his frigging world collapse like it did mine . i have so much hate . i just like to tear that creep up . Never Be A Nice Guy - Pastors are human - they make mistakes - all you people out there beware .
2009/06/20 19:32 - Badhap victim writes:
when i read your bad hap - i cant blv this place is to help people - its a joke - everyone smiles and laugh . cmon get real guy and gals - laughter aint gonna get you that job or that woman - the rules in life is this - dont be a nice guy , watch out for yeself - keep a savings account under yr own name - and join a gym and get fit and handsome and beautiful again . diet . fat people dun make it . i am fat and i am struggling folks . i am 93 kgs i will be 82 i swear cos payback is gonna be great
2009/06/20 19:37 - Badhap victim writes:
so whoever out there is reading this thread . i applaud u for whatevr badhap you have and standing tall . keep it that way . and i know i hate myself everyday for the bad things i have done , but enuf is enuf , self criticsm is plain suicide . and god i have thot about it . it the world hates you , hate em back . i swear by all that is holy , i will get my revenge and it will be sweet .
2009/08/16 07:43 - suchaloser writes:
WOW! =o to the story and thread...enough said.
2011/02/11 09:10 - Chaotic_Dreamz writes:
this site isn't about offense. You should see a therapist bro. Best of luck.

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