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by : surekha | written on :24/12/2008 | permalink

My Driving Test

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It was a series of the worsthaps! It was the day of my DL test(Driving License).Here in India, the transport department inspectors come to a particular place near the Transport Office, usually late and be really nasty to you, only cuz they can! And if you don't speak the local language properly you're doomed for life. But before all that I go to the office of my driving school where I will have to sign and stuff to show that I am going for the test.So I have a scooty (two-wheeler),and on the way I fill petrol and check the air pressure for my tyres. So I reach the driving school office. I park it right opposite the office and go there. There is a long queue of atleast some tewenty people. Get my turn in some fortyfive mins , sign and rush to my scooty. I'm taking it out of parking and I feel something is wrong, terribly wrong, it's all wobbly and shaky. And I just choose to ignore it thinking I have to be getting to the test finishing it and then getting back to the afternoon classes at college. By the time I start my engine and take off I see thru the corner of my eyes that everyone standing out at the office is staring at me. I don't look, wouldn't dare to...and while I wobble, almost fall off from the scooty I realise that my tyres are punctured. How could this happen I just filled air an hour back for god's sake!!!!! I was screaming in my head. I stop the scooty somewhere, find a corner on the street under a tree and park it. I catch a rik (rikshaw - a cheaper option than a taxi)and reach the place where my test was happening. I reach and my instructor is furious, he is practically yelling at me asking me where I'd been and that all the other students from my driving school had finished their test. Anyway I didn't want to react to him but I was irritated as hell. I sit in the car, my turn comes and the inspector tells me to stop the engine and start again and move. I take a deep breath and start the engine, put the gear and realease the clutch and press the accelreator and JERK! Belive me this happened the second time too. I could have just run out on the streets yellling my head out, but no I was in the car with the inspector peeping into it through the window, "what happened?" he asks me in Kannada (our local language in Bangalore), I reply saying "Nothing" (english) all embarrassed and trying to cover it up with a reluctant smile. He asks me a series of questions reacting to the english response obviously, where i come from, what is my native place , what is my mother tongue and i asnwered bangalore and kannada and there he was harrassing me in Kannada!!! Anyway after all that he said I had to do my test anyway, and Oh god somehow the third time it worked and I leave from there thinking ok I can still get to attend class in the afternoon. Take a rik back to where my scooty was, and walk and push it to the puncture shop. The mechaninc boy has a look at it, checks everything and starts the engine and it doesnt start. He tries again and again and again, even kick starts, it doesnt work and I stand there frozen and biting my lips. He tells me I'll have to keep it there for today and get it tomorrow as there is something wrong with some spark something. I don't know. I didn't know what to do laugh or cry! Anyway I hurry to take another rik back to college leaving my scooty behind. I reach college and run to my building and I see my friends sitting near at the food court area...whats happenin I ask them and they say what are you doin

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2008/12/24 11:50 - peter writes:
WOW. a bundle of badhaps! but did you pass?
2008/12/24 12:02 - HadToBeMe writes:
Is there more to the story? Looks like it's been cut off. Write a part 2!
2008/12/25 10:52 - surekha writes:
oops yeah there is more to it! i didn't even notice the last part didnt come ...yeah ill complete it.

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