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by : Anonymous | written on :02/06/2011 | permalink

My life or My weight?

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Have you ever done something because you felt like there wouldn't be a single person that would care if something bad were to happen to you? I know exactly what that feels like, we all struggle and handle are problems in our own ways even if our ways are unhealthy and dangerous. I am one to do the stupid, wreckless, non caring kinda things until something goes very wrong..

I woke up one morning about a month ago and decided I hate how I look, and I really hate how ive let myself gain weight and I would love nothing more than to be skinny and beautiful (feeling) before my boyfriend gets home from boot camp. So began my revolution, so I thought, to lossing weight. I would go run every night, I also starting eating less and more healthy but three weeks passed and I hadn't lost a single pound so I started researching online ways to lose weight fast and I sadly came across a yahoo question. Tons of people commenting about certin illegal drugs that would help you drop weight fast. I being 18 am honestly clueless about drugs and there names, and the meanings to them but I thought I have friends from when we were in high school that did them and there fine so why not try it.. What could it honestly hurt?...

Finally the payday came and the only drug i seemed to stumble across most just happened to be called Meth, people keep saying how fast they lost weight and just completly making it sound awesome so I told a girl I know to get me some Meth.. As bad as it seems even she (a drugy) looked at as if I were stupid.. That night I had some Crystal Meth and I didnt know what to do with this I have never done drugs so I decided to snort it. The next day I did three lines because this drug that so many people said was great wasn't making me feel at all differnt. That night I could not get myself to fall asleep to save my tail end. Finally it was about 7:30 a.m. and i got up, went to the rest room and did a line... My first mistake thinking it was okay to do an illegal drug to lose weight.. Sometime around 8 I decided i wanted breakfast so i took my moms car to get something and I started tripping out. I could have sworn there were spots on my arm.. 10 Aclock comes around and by then i had random tingaling sensaitions throughout my body and i cant even explain it, something just didn't feel at all right so i.. Make note when i make a bad mistake such as this i never turn to adults or friends in fear of what may be said (another mistake might i add).. ran to my room got on this chat room where i normally talk to people and said this..I think i am having an allergic reation to meth if anyone no's any signs please tell me. Everyone thought I was some stupid idoit and they had a few words to say back but one guy (my savior) messaged me. He began talking to me and finally came to the conclusion i am in fact not having an allergic reation to this drug but i am withdrawling and hallusinating. He told me i have to stay in control of my everythought and be relaxed or the drugs will come into control and then ill be gone. So i gathered my computer, phone and tons of water because it was making me very dehidrated, and went into my bathroom shut and locked the door and sat there talking to this guy as i fought for my life. Which may i add is very hard when you randomly feel your face swell up like a ballon (just my head messing with me). I walked away with very little and unnoticeable damnage but i learned my leason about using drugs and can honestly say i am going to start running a little harder once i work my strength back up to normal.

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2011/06/02 02:26 - Badhap victim writes:
The other badhap intitled 'Near death experice' is the same story only shorter!

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