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by : xoxoautumnoxox | written on :09/02/2011 | permalink


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So my friend was house-sitting for some people who lived down the street from her for a week, she told her paretns she was sleeping at her friends so she could throw a party there because they had a cabnit full of liquor ! So of course she invites me, i waited until about one and snuck out so my boyfriend could pick me up and take me there. Well i got piss drunk and i kept walking upstairs with my drink and downstairs , and the dumb dog kept following me around! so i kept trying to shoo it away. at one point i started to walk back downstairs where people were waiting for me right at the bottom so we could go outside. suddlenly some one scream and the dog came running behind me throwing me down the rest of the stairs, slamming me into a wall then tumbling down the rest of the stairs. i ended up knocking a total of 7 people at the bottom of the stairs over and spilling my drink EVERYWHERE.. my friends couldnt get the stain out of the rug and told the owners they were trying to run to the bathroom before they peed their pants because they drank a bunch of soda and started laughing hard but tripped up the stairs and peed them selves... my bad..

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