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by : ZS626 | written on :19/07/2014 | permalink

Typical Day for me

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So today I started out with falling asleep next to my dog. Then he begins to bark. He barks non stop for 3 minutes. It's not his fault, I mean if a 4 year old walked down the street in pajamas carrying a dog I would do something like that. So I then got up and immediately got a killer headache. Took some aspirin, everything was fine. Then I wasn't hungry for breakfast, and my dog wanted the milk i usually had with cereal, so I poured some for him in a bowl. When then I spilled milk down my pants. It's not fun being cold down there. We'll dog was happy, I brushed my teeth, time for my favorite activity, video games. I was waiting for my friends to get on, so I watched some videos on testimonys from born again Christians who claim they saw hell, but came back. So I began to wonder whether or not to repent. So I posted on a Christian forum what I should do. I was banned for mentioning my disbelief in God. So days going great. I went up stairs to eat lunch, but when I opened the soup can, the top came off, so no soup today. So I had a ham sandwich, but it was not ham. I'm not sure what it was. Anyway, lunch is over, and my friends are on. So we play some Grand Theft Auto V, and we do some missions. Some were races. I like to spin people out and do that, which they don't like. So when I spun my best friend out, he flipped s***. He defriended me, called me a fag and such. Then I spun my other friend out, and the same thing happened. Then I began to yell, which made others mad. So my friends then kicked me from the party, defriended me, and said they wouldn't talk to me ever again. Finally, after two hours, they let me join a game, but then they just trolled me until the game ended, then they kicked me. So it's been three hours, and they the me even more. So I go up for dinner, and I had pizza. Pizza was slightly above average, but it was actually technically lower, because I got burnt pepperoni, and the cheese tasted funny. Breadsticks were coated with salt, but they were fine. So I come back down to a still unforgiving friend group thing. And now I sit here, posting on an online forum about my day, after watching multiple hours of collegehumor, smosh games, and buzzfeed. This is typical for me. We'll, not the 4 year old thing, that was bizarre. But yeah, welcome to my life, my depressing, question-filled, meaningless life. I need some a girlfriend. Then again I obsess over gaming and nerd culture and s***. But thats why I'm single, but I'm also 12. That may also be why. Hmmmmm.....

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