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by : Anonymous | written on :26/04/2011 | permalink

What to do!?

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Ok so when i was fifteen (last year) around november, i was on a site called My Life Is Average (MLIA) and from there i came across a website called mystery google where u type in something on the search bar and it give u the results of what someone right before u searched. Anyways i typed in "text a question to *my number*" then minutes later i got a text message from a girl in wyoming. We ended up talking till six in the morning. I live in new york. We ended up talking since then non stop for 7 months. Also i ended up falling for her and she ended up falling for me. I love her so damn much. Then the summer of 2010 came and i went on vacation to mexico for 2 months. Those 2 months changed our relationship for the worst. I wasn't able to talk to her daily like we used to because of my phone plan. Well we ende up arguing the majority of those 2 months and she ended up getting a boyfriend. When she told me that she was going out with someone it destroyed me inside so much. When i got back to new york still depressed from what happened i tried my best to be happy for her but i was insanley jealous and i still am to this day. Well one day i asked her if she still had feeling for me, she answered saying she never stopped loving me. As happy that made me i told her that i still love her but im jealous of her bf. She then told me tht i should be happy for her because she found someone tht loves her and is there for her physically . It destroyed me inside knowing she loves someone other than me. Well Time went by and we still talk. We talk about how we want to be together and all tht. We r now in a situation where she has a bf and loves him but talks to me and hoe she loves me. I think if she ever feels guilty and asked her one day and she said no. I feel like i should be happy tht she still loves me but when we talk now (present day) she doesnt talk much and most of her texts are one worded or lead the conversations to a dead end where i cant think of anything to say. I am still very jealous of her bf and cant get over the fact tht she loves him. I feel like she can easily move on from me. One day i said tht i dont want to talk to her until my jealousy goes away or something like tht and she said she almost drank herself to death. I dont want to hurt her anymore but i also cant deal with the jealousy cuz i love her so damn much. Thts y i come here for advice. Please tell me wht i should do to get over this jealousy or something tht can fix our relationship. I dont want to lose her again. :(

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