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That'll never come out

7 people need stain remover
miserableminion | 04/07/2013
the rant of a sad student
When schools grade us 10% of our 1st year end-of-year results through 'class performance', it usually means 'how popular are you?' I absolutely hate it. I'm not an outcast, neither am I popular, no... - 0 Comments
never mix your drinks, especially not with cranberry juice
I went out for a friends birthday a few wks ago , from what i remember it was a great night. we started drinking at like 7pm which is a bit early for me. so started on the wine then when got into t... - 2 Comments
Grooveymover | 05/12/2008
Never work with Animals ...
Over the last couple of days my cat has been unwell :( he's obviously eaten something that hasn't agreed with him (which is funny cos he's such a fussy little blighter and never eats anything new o... - 3 Comments
peter | 06/11/2008
Coffee Machine overflow
Ok, today I was trying to do my bit to keep the office clean and saw the bucket which the coffee machine overflows into was nearly full. This bucket isn't just overflow of water or anything nice... - 2 Comments
franhale | 21/10/2008
Don't walk downstairs drunk!
After a VERY heavy night out when I was at uni, I got into my bedroom and started feeling really ropey- the toilet was 2 floors down so I decided to throw up in a carrier bag I had. I managed to ge... - 2 Comments
HadToBeMe | 20/10/2008
Damn lily pollen
So my boyfriend and I have just moved into a great flat which we are renting. On Saturday, we decided to have a mini house warming so I decided I better clean the house and get it looking spick an... - 3 Comments
HadToBeMe | 30/09/2008
I don't like hot chocolate that much
So I was in Pret the other day, for those of you outside of the UK Pret is a sandwich chain. So on this particular day I had dinner with some clients from the U.S which is why I chose Pret. I tho... - 1 Comment
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