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by : miserableminion | written on :04/07/2013 | permalink

the rant of a sad student

That'll never come out

When schools grade us 10% of our 1st year end-of-year results through 'class performance', it usually means 'how popular are you?' I absolutely hate it. I'm not an outcast, neither am I popular, not in the least. I'm just an average, ordinary junior college kid trying to mug and cram in order to do well to go to a good university. But seriously, teachers always give the popular kids good marks and the rest utterly lousy marks. This is all the more unfair because the end-of-year marks determine whether we get promoted to our final year, and good end-of-year grades can secure you a scholarship or even a place at the universities you want to get into. So why are they marginalising us? 10% may seem little, but truly, our exams are insanely tough, passing is good, getting an A+ is near impossible. So this 10% is highly important to make one pass and be promoted. The retainees get so demoralised as the teachers and the education system totally treats them like pathetic losers. A few retainees told me of what happened after they knew they had to retain: Their parents waited in the school office to meet the principal who was late for half an hour, who did not apologise or even bother to greet the parents. With a hostile attitude she told the receptionist to "get those people in", in such a loud tone that they heard it from the outside. She did not invite them to sit down, and immediately embarked to humiliate, chastise and disgrace the student before his/her parents. Addressing the retainee, she scornfully marched into her tirade: "You do not deserve to be in this prestigious school. I wonder how you ever got in, anyway, you are a shame to our school! With such lousy and hopeless marks you ought to be in a technical institute. That's where all the hopeless and failure people go. You belong there, not here! I don't tink you will have much of a bright future! By letting you stay here, I am already being very kind and compassionate. A lot of people want to enter this school, so you have to write an appeal letter to retain. I wonder how your parents ever taught and raised you. Goodness, why must I even deal with such matters? I have a lot more important stuff to do." She just stalked out like that, leaving the sobbing retainee and the parents mortified and stunned. The reason why most parents did not retaliate is that my society is generally inclined towards confucian values or maybe just respectful and afraid to condemn or fight against the system in general, as we are taught from young to respect authority and never question it. I absolutely cannot stand it!!!! Please, please, don't be an educator if you do not motivate students but instead demoralise them. The students are already sad enough that they are retaining, yet you are pouring salt over an open wound. And people should never be judged on their results but their ability to survive in the working world and their character. A top student can later go on to commit crimes in life if he or she has little character or moral values. As a student seeing my fellow friends, peers and classmates losing their smiles gradually through worries about homework, results and getting into 'good' university, and frightful aloofness due to intensely fierce competition, I begin to doubt whether the education system is grooming us into the future of the country or instead, a generation of stressed and unhappy adults to enter the workforce, a tragedy in the making. Are they providing us with knowledge and 'educating' us, or actually draining us of our liveliness and slowly destroying us? I now understand why some students in our region, such as SK, HK, S, etc, commit suicide. (I'm not even allowed to mention this due to the new media control law implemented or I will probably be punished through expulsion, or worse.) We are being robbed of our happiness in our deprived 17 to 18 years of growing up, and our souls are being murdered. I know that I sound extreme to accuse the system of murder, but indeed, these are only pure observations made by me, so you are free to judge as you will.

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