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by : Anonymous | written on :13/11/2008 | permalink

Travelling sucks!

Worst holiday ever

Ok so this wasn't really a holiday but I was travelling by plane to Greece on business.

Now instead of getting a taxi from my flat in London all the way to the airport I decided it would be quicker to get the taxi to Paddington train station and get the express train from there. I left ample time for this to happen so I wouldn't be in a hurry.

Taxi arrived on time, I asked how long to Paddington and he syas "ordinarily not long but there's a burst water pipe at Great Portland Street and instead of 3 traffic lanes there's one"

I allowed 40 mins to get to Paddington which is usally a 20 minute trip but it took an hour! So once out of the taxi I knew I was cutting it fine so decided to purchase my ticket on the express train. Saw a sign that said "Heathrow Express" jumped on the train which was about to leave. Doors closed, I went to take a seat when my heart froze. It wasn't the Heathrow Express! I ran to the door and through the open window pleased to the conductor on the platform to let me out. He said he couldn't. I asked where the train was going and he said "Slough". Slough! I don't even know where Slough is. Panicked, called my boyfriend and a lovely lady on the train oerheard me and told me I could get a taxi from Slough to Heathrow in 15 minutes. I may still make my flight. Then she asked if I had a ticket and I said no and she said I would probably get a fine coming out of the platform. Fines! I didn't have time for fines.

As soon as the train got to Slough I ran out with the kind lady behind me there to vouch that I had got on the wrong train to the platform inspectors. Told them my story in such a panic they believed me and let me out. Jumped in a cab and miracously made my flight. Could have been a worse badhap, at least I didn't miss my flight but still very stressful nonetheless.

Oh, and the taxi driver from Slough said I wasn't the first and that made me feel better.

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2008/11/14 00:56 - peter writes:
that's lucky! I bet you're one of those people who laugh at the people who turn up over 2 hours before the flight.

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